The Death of TV Part 1 – Moving Attention

Have you noticed that in the last few years the people around you are spending more and more time fiddling with handheld devices and tablets?

Innovations seem to take a long time to change our world but when they do, they re-write the whole way the world works.

Sadly, because we only have so much attention these devices remove the focus from other life activities.

This massive shortage of spare attention is making it harder to market or sell to people (complimentary video on handling this business wise for you HERE) but there are worse side effects…

The worst consequences include families out for dinner yet eating in silence as they constantly fiddle with games or message people other than those who they are sitting with.

There are also children who are unable to use their imagination because a handheld has been used like a “dummy” to keep them quiet.

On the upside though, the handheld revolution is killing the TV – more thoughts on this and what it means to you next time.

Stuff can not be uninvented.

You and I have only so much attention to invest, to win in this new world we need to be conscious of which part of our life this attention is being taken from.

2 thoughts on “The Death of TV Part 1 – Moving Attention

  1. Good blog, I agree with everything said here. In my family we ban phones at dinner time or nobody talks to anyone. As for killing TV, in my experience people seem to play on their phone while watching TV, they can’t seem to watch anything without also texting!

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