Selling Arachnophobia

Kimberley is the brightest, bubbliest and most beautiful lady in the north of England, possibly the whole of Europe….

Ok I am maybe just slightly biased as she is my daughter.

Only trouble with Kimberley (apart from having a boyfriend) is that she is scared of spiders, yep even little tiny ones.

She is only scared of spiders because her mum sold her being scared of spiders….

OK, so it wasn’t a sit down lesson in arachnophobia, it actually happened the moment when mum squealed for dad to “GET RID OF IT, GET IT OUT!”
Mum can really squeal too!

In that moment mum transferred her emotions over and ever since then, my little girl has felt exactly the same way about spiders as her mum feels about them.

Thing is, it’s not just fear that can be transmitted. All emotions can be harnessed and transferred by skilled individuals.

Turns out that even emotions like courage, confidence and hatred are all transferable.

Thing is, If you can move the client…

If you can make them feel the way that you feel about your advice or service then why on earth would they not want it?

“Selling is the transference of emotion”
Zig Ziglar

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