Facebook Client Generation– not as naff as you think

Facebook Client Generation– more beneficial than you think?

Oh I know, you may not like Facebook and you may well not use it personally…

Maybe you don’t think the people you want as clients are on Facebook?

Thing is, you are absolutely right!

It’s true….

Facebook is full of people you don’t want as clients and you’re not alone in disliking Facebook and all this social media hype and nonsense.

The fact is though, the only real criteria for measuring lead generation is whether it is profitable.

You can hate social media and profit from it at the same time, just like you don’t have to play golf to generate leads from the local golf club magazine.

The real trick is missing out all the masses and only targeting the wealthy business owners…

Did you know you can upload your client email list from excel into Facebook? Yes, then you can show adverts only to those people who are using that email as the login for their Facebook. (Your clients)

If you are feeling really flash why not get your administrator to use the Facebook similar audience feature which finds a whole bunch of people who are just like your clients.

Oh, you can do exactly the same on Twitter too.