The Sales Frame Game

Sadly, some prospects still think you are a sales man, even though you consider yourself a professional financial planner or a wealth manager.

Indeed, if you are an accountant then some prospects still think you are an over paid bean counter even if your service is that of an outsourced FD.

Demonstrating your value and re-framing who you are to a prospect is a key habit which is always performed effectively by top producing fee earners.

Like everyone, your prospects are hard wired to survive at a sub conscious level and this is why we are drawn to like people who can help us or increase our status and survival chances.

Did you ever wonder why everyone loves a photo with a celebrity?

Turns out that in professional services, it is often not what you say or do that makes the difference but the frame they see you through when you are doing it.

Of course if they have the wrong frame then who is to blame?