Your Majesty, cut Employment Law & £10 Billion of Red Tape

The Queens speech promised over £10 Billion in Red tape cuts but the Red tape is strangling everything…

It is hampering growth and small business, it is creating unfair advantage for those firms with economies of scale and it is perhaps most rife in the UK professions….

Let’s not even discuss the blatant unfairness, inefficiency and ludicrously of regulation, let us take something as established as employment law.

If you think about it, what right does some Westminster muppet who has never ran a business, much less built one, have to tell you (the risk taker) who you are allowed to strike a bargain with as you grow your firm?

Why do we accept our rights being infringed, you’re the one taking the risk with your own money!

But hold on, what’s wrong with say a Chinese restaurant being forced by law to hire a White British waiter?

Everything is wrong with it!

Who knows better about who would serve your customers and be your best investment better than you?

The performance of any service business is directly correlated to the strength of relationship between your client and you/your employees.

The fact is that your clients like and trust people who are like themselves.

Fairness is a noble ideal and if your clients don’t like your hiring decisions they will soon choose to do business elsewhere.

All employment law is doing is creating an additional layer of cost in trading and a bigger tax burden to pay for government employees to control it.

As it stands, employment law is just speeding up the offshoring of our professional services overseas.

The trouble with Red tape and un-competitiveness moving bits of our economy overseas is that at some point we will wake up and realise that we off shored our family Silver.

(NB: This is a personal rant; Foundation Group complies with all UK employment law for both internal hiring and talent acquisition services).