Listen Son

Listen son, you get the grades, if you are one of the best, the picked, the chosen, then you get to go to the best University and if you keep it up you get the best job.

Actuary, Solicitor, Banker, Journalist, Doctor, Manager, Vet, Accountant, Dentist.

If you are one of these or similar, you are successful, you made it, you won.

The world is changing now, the professions are oversubscribed and shrinking due to communication, outsourcing and automation advances.

Are you a parent or a grandparent?

Think – Content Creator, Coder, Recruiter, Sales Person, Information Analyst, Finance Specialist, Engineer.

What is the most needed skill for the future across them all?

The one skill which will determine professional success of your children?


Do not give us another first class competitive zombie because sadly the world is full of them.