Unwinding Jihadis and Crusaders

It is a funny time in history, something is brewing…

Did you know that Britain First have well over half a million likes on Facebook? That’s more than the SNP, Tories and Labour added together….

Pegida protests across Europe, the furthest corners of Islam protest against the covers of a magazine which suffered a terrible attack but now apparently represents most of Europe?

Thing is, all cultures and tribes have at their core shared beliefs, particularly about behaviour and what infringes on the rights of others.

I’m curious, do you think a naturist infringes on your rights by being naked on the street?

According to both western and Islamic societies, she does, it’s only the degree of acceptable clothing that is different.

Does a publisher infringe on your rights by mocking God, your beliefs and all you hold dear in front of a large audience? Yes in Islam but not any longer in the West.

This principle of “free speech” is not accepted across the world as correct, particularly not when it is warped into some free right to bully people and ridicule prophets.

Just as the mocking and shouting between kids usually deteriorates into a scrap outside the school gates, so does this irresponsible publishing easily deteriorate into violence and a war of societies.

You and I may choose to fight for our western principle of free speech but let us not pretend we don’t become fundamentalists ourselves- fundamentalists to our atheist western democratic belief system.

Is this western society really the light of the world we believe it to be?

If so, you would think that after 2015 years we would have learned to apply the golden rule and treat others as we want to be treated.