“Punching above our weight”

Why does our regime mutter constantly about the UK “retaining our status”, “maintaining our capacity” or “punching above our weight”?

Will someone tell our ruling class that there is no pride in “punching above our weight” against fat kids!

One thing you learn growing up in a deprived city is that the kid who goes in to “deck” the other guy always does better than the kid that goes in and tries not to lose.

So let’s not “maintain the UK economic position” this coming year. Instead, why don’t we demand a plan from Westminster on how we could be the richest country in the world again?

P.S. Have a great Christmas! From sunny North Yorkshire we will be launching “Retiring Solicitor” in January and then we will be relaunching a new version of www.wagechecker.com. See you next year and thanks for reading!