An Ode to St. John of Hull

Blessed is St. John Prescott!

The only man who the public believes did not sell out to Murdoch or any other media kingmaker…

Sadly, St. Johns sanctification is only because “old 2 Jags” never got invited to any of their parties!

The interesting context here is that all things internet and social media are killing the power of the print media kingmakers.

As the power wanes, the retribution starts and the revelations about our regime are truly shocking…

Godfather ex-prime ministers, the hiring of criminals phone hackers, the sacking of loyal police officers, predator state banking institutions destroying family British firms , MPs stealing our money and now child rapists under house protection in return for votes.

Nobody cares which of the Westminster parties smell the worst because its obvious now that Westminster stinks (apart from the blessed Prescott whose lovely lady is still racing for the post to check for that misplaced party invite!).

Apparently the Queen was baffled in 2009 when, with so many economists on the payroll nobody saw the worst recession since George V was on the throne coming until it crashed onto us.

Economic and social upheaval are evil sisters that come from a loss of trust…

Trust in a financial system, a house price, a leader or even a whole system of government.

Personally, I would say come back St. John, nobody liked you or your policies but watching your punch ups with the crowds was great!