Why use remarketing to track clients?

After the blog on how the leading financial firms are using remarketing to track wealthy business owner clients http://stevehagues.co.uk/how-the-top-adviser-firms-are-using-remarketing-to-track-hnw-clients/  a couple of readers questioned the point of doing this?

Well my reading friend… the thing to understand with “re-marketing” is that 95% of HNW clients who visit your website are not ready to purchase your advice yet.

Now, If your advert shows up 100 times in the fortnight between the HNW client first browsing and your competitor; “Fred Bloggs IFA” does not, then who will the client most likely book a first appointment with?

The best thing is that with remarketing you only pay if the client returns to your website, the actual advertising to keep you at the front of their mind is free.

A sales mentor and hero of mine summed up the theory behind re-marketing when he said…

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action…”

Zig Ziglar