MAS – A waste of £80 Million?



£78 Million buys a lot, but not if you’re the Money Advice Service mosquito (do you like the cartoon?).

What can the mosquito achieve with this amount of money?

Well to be fair, only £43 million goes on offering money advice rather than sorting out people’s debt problems.

For this £43 million the MAS achieved less than 280,000 financial action plans delivered in their last results (end of last year).

I wonder how many fact finds and recommendations a decent home service sales force could have achieved with a £43 million government cash injection?

Oh wait, nobody in a home service ever got paid a bonus for giving away a plan did they?

No they actually had to sell something, which made the client better off.

How much it would cost for MAS to actually motivate the client to commit to the advice in these plans?

Who pays for this useless industry blood sucker?

Unfortunately, that will be you then.