No more recruitment fees after 2014

Hiring quality advisers that can actually crank out serious new business or paraplanners that can help them has always been a difficult task for owner managers in the advice sector.

It either involved you shelling out recruitment fees for the top talent, advertising directly or having someone internally scan through the many online CV databases which are picked over by so many competitors.

What if someone invented a new model, a model that was so radically different to anything that has ever been tried before it turned the whole process on its head?

A model where you only pay on results yet doesn’t involve shelling out on expensive recruitment fees.

May I introduce you to wagechecker, a service where you get to speak directly to people you want to speak to and who are interested in you for just over twenty quid!

How does that work then?

Candidates complete an interview online and their answers are inputted into the valuation engine which gives them an accurate likely salary offer. The answers to the interview (fact find) builds an anonymous profile which clients like you can browse free of charge.

Should you wish, you can invite the candidate to a telephone interview and if he or she accepts then your investment is a mere £23.

You get direct access to only candidates you know are of the right calibre, you know their salary expectations upfront and you know they are interested in your job!

If the candidate isn’t interested in your firm for any reason whatsoever then you can use your interview credit on a different candidate.

You get to avoid any sales calls, you avoid difficult salary negotiations and you get to speak directly to candidates who you want to speak to (and are interested in you) all within a few days for just over twenty quid!

Why so cheap?

Well there are no recruiters to pay, little staff costs and as long as the service is profitable on some level for me then frankly I get more quality candidates on our databases here which increases our competitive advantage on retained assignments.

Why not check it out and sign up for candidate updates click here, you could be one of the first clients of a system which grows the UK economy through more efficient labour re-distribution.

Curious about the valuation engine? Pretend to be a mortgage or financial adviser or paraplanner click here (please don’t put yourself as available for interview though).